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Keeping As Safe As Possible From Corona and Other Infections


We at CKHC take our responsibility very seriously when it comes to your health; this was true before the Corona virus (COVID19) outbreak and continues to be our priority. 

We closely monitor and follow the guidance available through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

To keep you, and us, as safe as possible we are

screening all visitors and employees at the building's entrance

frequently washing our hands

sanitizing high touch areas

encouraging patients to reschedule your appointment if they are not feeling well
everyone must wear a face mask when entering the building and while you are here (Employees may take them off while at their desks when there are not patients)
the waiting room is spread out to provide limited contact between people

the en-suite bathroom is for employees only. Please use your restroom at home before you come in, however, there is a public handicap accessible bathroom off the main hall on the first floor.   

All three of our offices are fully operational.  Patients are allowed up to one companion.


Telehealth Visits for your Convenience:
​Under special circumstances with our doctor’s approval, a video-conference office visit can be arranged in lieu of an onsite visit.  These visits are called telehealth visits.  They are as comprehensive as possible and will be charged to your insurance like a normal office visit. Most insurances are providing standard coverage under your existing policy but we can’t know your specific plan rules – there are too many companies with many different plans.  Call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out! 

On rare occasions, a telephone only visit may be arranged, with your doctor’s approval.  See our policy by clicking here.


Our mission is to provide our patients with exceptional service, and we continue doing everything possible to serve you with the same quality of care you have always receive from us. 


​For more information on Corona click on these links: 

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