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Checking Blood Pressure
Doctor and Patient
Dr Lautman,
Thank you so much for seeing my husband, Pero, on short notice, for taking great care to diagnose him and using all or your amazing expertise to come up with a plan.  I feel confident that he will continue to thrive under your care.             
          -Lauren N.  March 2023
Dr Lautman,
You've been my doctor for over 40 years and always provided great healthcare.  Now I've moved away to live with my daughter, and I could only pray for another doctor as caring as you.  Thank you and take care of yourself.             
          -Odis P.  March 2023
"Dr. Lautman is currently caring for My Husband.
We first met Dr. Lautman when my husband was admitted to Euclid Hospital through the Euclid Emergency Room. Dr. Lautman came into the room and sat down and spoke with my husband and explained exactly what was happening with my husband and informed him of the treatment plan that he wanted to follow through with. Dr. Lautman was kind, and very friendly, he was also instrumental in having my husband moved to Hillcrest Hospital in a timely manner to have the test that were urgently needed. Dr. Lautman has become more than a Physician to our Family, he is a Friend. We are so thankful that this doctor was on call at Euclid Hospital when my husband was admitted."

- Felicia Harrison October 2nd, 2022
Dr. Roman​ he explained everything to us in layman's terms and he was so kind and also so pleasant to talk with. Thank you so much for relieving our minds. It was a pleasure to meet you.  
     June 21st, 2019

​"Dr. Lautman is very professional and is an awesome man. His staff reflects competency and are on top of information. Patient relations are number one! Lauren, Rachel, Ashley helped me today. I recommend medical care here and has the best bedside manner!"
           - June 9th, 2021
Excellent experience, excellent talking and exchange of ideas. In short, I would like to see Dr. Lautman all the time if needed, and also would recommend to those would need similar help.              
 March 19
th, 2021
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​Dr. Lautman is extremely thorough, explains everything and always asks if I understand. He is professional, patient and outstanding. His staff are professional, kind and extremely pleasant to work with. February 23rd, 2021
Everyone was very friendly, courteous, and helpful from start to finish. Dr. Yalavarthy put my mind at ease and was very thorough in reviewing mom's entire history with us. He was easy to understand and his explanations were clear.   
   June 5, 2019
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