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What is dialysis?

We need to eat, drink and breath to live. But we also need to get rid of waste that comes from eating and drinking. If waste stays in your body it will cause you to get sick , have low energy, shortness of breath, and, if not fixed, will G-d forbid, cause death.

Your kidneys filter out waste from your body. Most people are born with two kidneys and could live healthily even with just one of them working. However, if both of them decline, you will need help filtering out the waste. Dialysis is the wonderful treatment that can do the work of your kidneys, helping you stay healthy and active. For those folks who get severe chronic kidney disease (CKD) dialysis is a life saver!

What are my dialysis options?

Your physician here at CKHC will help guide you in advance to prepare for dialysis. The three most common dialysis options include hemodialysis at a dialysis center, hemodialysis at home, and peritoneal dialysis at home.

Your physician will advise you on which is the best treatment option for you, taking into account many factors such as age, lifestyle, severity of your diagnosis and your willingness to commit to a treatment program.

  • Hemodialysis treatment is done at a dialysis center, usually three times a week. It can take three to four hours each day you go.

  • Home hemodialysis can take a few forms, from daily treatments to nocturnal (while you sleep) treatment at home.

  • Peritoneal dialysis is a method of dialysis that allows you to go about your daily activity without needing to be connected to a machine at a dialysis center or at home, because your blood is filtered by a mechanism inside your body.

Whatever method you choose, you will be trained in how to care for yourself during and after treatments.

Each treatment option should be discussed carefully with you doctor in order to help you come to the most informed decision possible on which treatment will work best for you.

Many people enjoy happy, active lives with a new lease on life once they start dialysis. We’re here to help. Ask for more information on preparing for dialysis at your next visit if you have CKD stage 4 or 5.

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