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What is Blood Pressure and What Do I Need to Know?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Blood flows through your body bringing oxygen and important nutrients where you

need them, and as it circulates, blood also collects what your body doesn’t need and

helps get rid of it.

Blood pressure is the pressure your blood exerts when pushing against the walls of your

blood vessels as it flows. If the pressure is consistently high, it causes damage. This is

what we call high blood pressure or hypertension. The only way to know if you have

high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure measured, or “taken.”

When you or your doctor takes your blood pressure, you’ll see two numbers. The first,

or top number, is the systolic, this measures the pressure on blood vessel walls when

your heart beats. The second, or bottom number, is the diastolic, this measures the

pressure on the walls when your heart is resting between beats.

Blood pressure is known as the silent killer because you may not feel it, so you may not

know you have it! This is dangerous because when high blood pressure isn’t treated it

can cause more serious problems including stroke, heart failure, or kidney disease.

Here is a chart that can help you understand your numbers. If you have consistently

high blood pressure or low blood pressure (hypotension) ask your primary care

physicians to refer you to our expert blood pressure specialist here at CKCH. We’re here to help!

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