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How to Take Your Blood Pressure.

Taking your blood pressure correctly is important.  Doctors use the readings together with other health information to decide what prescriptions to write and what other health recommendations to make. So getting the most accurate reading is critical.

Here are simple tips to ensure you are getting a correct reading, and how to avoid mistakes, whether you do them at home or at a clinic:

-          Don’t have conversations, it’s important not to talk.  Sit quietly still.  Think about a pleasant scene like a beautiful sunset.

-          Use the correct cuff size.

-          Put the cuff on a bare arm. Avoid long sleeves that are hard to roll up.

-          Support arm at heart rate. Have your arm resting on a table where it can rest at the level of your heart.

-          Keep legs uncrossed. Place both your feet flat on the ground.

-          Support your back and feet. If your feet don’t reach the floor, put a box under them.  Your back should have support from a chair.

-          Empty bladder first. You should always use the restroom before taking your blood pressure. This will help you be calm and still.

-          If you have had a mastectomy, take your blood pressure on the arm on the other side.  If you’ve had a double mastectomy, consult your nephrologist.


For BP readings between your visits to your doctor, you have several choices.  There are blood pressure machines you can buy to use at home.  Also several pharmacies and fire stations will take your blood pressure for free!

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension or hypotension by your physician, you should be under the care of a blood pressure expert in our practice. Ask your primary care for a referral, then call us 216-261-6263 to make an appointment.

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