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World Kidney Day

Over 37 million US adults have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and don’t know it! Could this be you or someone you love?

World Kidney Day is celebrated around the world on the second Thursday of March each year. It was created to raise awareness of the importance of your kidneys to your health.

The most common risk factors of CKD are:

  • diabetes

  • high blood pressure 

  • heart disease

  • smoking

  • obesity

  • being Black, Native American or Asian American

  • family history of kidney disease

  • abnormal kidney structure

  • older than 40 years old 

  • frequent use of medications that can damage the kidneys

The good news is diagnosing CKD can be as quick and easy as getting a blood and urine test.

Whether you have kidney disease or you don’t, follow a long term game plan to keep them healthy or slow their decline.  You want to live a long and happy life.  Take proactive steps now to protect your kidneys long term. Some of the best advice is:

  • stay hydrated

  • eat a balanced diet

  • exercise regularly 

  • avoiding smoking and excess alcohol consumption 

After being diagnosed with CKD, it’s important to continue with the tips above, and it is crucial to be compliant with medications and treatment plans prescribed by your physician. 

While it can be challenging, there are numerous resources available to support you in managing your CKD. It’s important to seek support from healthcare professionals, join support groups, and educate yourself about CKD to effectively manage the condition and maintain your quality of life. In Ohio there is the National Kidney Foundation, Ohio Chapter, and Kidney Foundation of Ohio.

No matter what your condition is: no kidney disease, CKD, or End Stage Renal Disease, make decisions based on understanding why your kidneys are important and what you can do to keep them as healthy as possible.  Check out this blog for more information and talk to your doctor about the right choices for you.

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