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Invest in your health!

Individual Choices and Kidney Disease

While your genetics and your life situation have a lot to do with how healthy you are, there are also individual decisions and personal choices you make that definitely contribute to an increased risk of developing kidney disease.

Some of your decisions may include choosing to smoke, not being physically active or exercising, eating unhealthy foods, not managing your diabetes, not taking your medicines, ignoring your mental health, and other individual behaviors and choices you make in your everyday life.

Factors related to health and wellbeing

Spending some time learning about what you can do to improve your individual choices and behaviors (such as learning about a kidney friendly diet or choosing to walk 30 minutes every day) is an important step toward slowing and/or stopping the progress of your kidney disease.

Make yourself a commitment today. Start with one thing, and be successful at it for three months, so it becomes a good habit. Then add another.

Tell your friends and family who believe in you and ask them to help you stay on track with their encouragement. Set your first goal for the summer, then your second goal for the fall.

You can do this! We’re rooting for you!

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