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Resolve to be good to yourself in 2024!

Updated: Jan 29

Resolve to be good to yourself in 2024

  1. Keep your medical appointments!

It’s easy to forget about an appointment!  Here are some simple tips to stay on top of yours!

  • Use the Buddy System- Have a family member or friend also keep track of your appointments. Have them text you the day before to remind you.

  • Digital Reminder- Set a reminder on your phone to remind you of your appointment.

  • Never hesitate to reach out to your doctor’s office to see when you are scheduled or if you are due for an appointment. 

2. Make the best food choices!

Check out the nutrition page on our website to learn more about CKD nutrition guides. 

  • Following your kidney-friendly diet is an opportunity to get creative with food!  

  • Search for chef’s ideas on the web for new kidney-friendly recipes for the new year!

3. Take your medicine!

A little pill can make all the difference - it’s amazing! So if you need help remembering to take them, help pay for them, or even remembering to pick them up, here are helpful ideas for 2024:

  • Use the buddy system (see above).

  • Add a reminder to your phone or an “event” on your calendar.

  • Find and use discount pharmacies and medication coupons.

  • Remember you can always reach out to your provider with questions and concerns about medications including side effects and cost.  Better to ask than to skip taking your medicines. Not taking your medication as directed could harm your health.  

4. Include your mental health!

If you’re struggling with mental health, reach out to your primary care physician. He/she will help determine a course of action to get you feeling like yourself again.

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